[guest post] WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Review and Improve Your System

Our guest blogger, Dan Fairbairn from Ocius Digital, takes us through the final stage of WorkflowMax implementation: Reviewing and Improving your system.

Ok, following on from our last blogs, we now need to look at what’s in WorkflowMax, and review to improve this. Hopefully at this point you have been putting live information into the system including such things as timesheets, jobs, quotes and invoicing. This will give you a healthy body of information to report on and use within your business to improve efficiency.

Taming the Freebird – Managing a Virtual Freelance Team at Your Agency

Ah, freelancers. As an account manager, they are either the light of your life, or the bane of your existence. Freelancers can save your ass when a project scales beyond your team’s capacity, or they can cost you dearly when they suddenly decide to go on holiday with your urgent work still sitting unfinished on their desk.

Here are our top tips for creating a successful virtual creative team at your agency:

The Clock Ticks On: 3rd Party Time Tracking Widgets for WorkflowMax

The seasons may be changing, but don’t let time pass you by without accounting for it. If you’re not recording time accurately, then you’re not able to build an accurate picture of your business. Time tracking tells you how profitable your jobs are, which of your employees are working hand (and which are slacking off), where you are over- and under-charging, and whether you need to adjust your prices. Check out these great 3rd party time-tracking apps that integrate with WorkflowMax

Managing Jobs at an Award-Winning Architectural Firm: Workflow 411 with Cymon Allfrey Architects

Workflow 411 is a regular column here on the WorkflowMax blog. Here, we get a company to walk us through their workflow process. Every company is different, and every firm has different methods and processes for managing their projects. Our hope is that by studying what others do, you can find techniques to improve your own workflow.

Today we talk to Cymon Allfrey (Architect, Founder) and Clive Weston (Practice Manager) from Cymon Allfrey Architects, a Christchurch-based architectural firm who specialise in all aspects of design, from residential and commercial buildings, to apartment complexes, retail spaces and earthquake remediation.

Agencies – Here’s How to Rock the Initial Client Meeting

Meeting a new client for the first time is a bit like a blind date. You put on your cleanest, most flattering clothes, take extra care with your hair and/or makeup. Your heart pounds nervously and your palms sweat as you turn over the meeting in your head. What are you going to say? Will you like them? Will they like you?

Luckily, you don’t have to date your clients (unless they’re really cute) but you do have to impress them. You know how vital first impressions are, and that initial meeting serves as a teaser for the client on what to expect. They want to see an agency that’s experienced, professional, organised, and highly attuned to their needs.

Service that Never Sleeps: Providing Global IT Service Support

Follow-the-Sun support models have been a significant part of the helpdesks are global software firms for a number of years. The concept is simple – workflow is divided between different teams working in different timezones. While the Australian team is sleeping, the UK team is answering calls, and the Indian team is getting getting started.

But for smaller software and IT firms, providing global support can seem like a pipe-dream. But with clever technology and a smart approach, you could soon find yourself able to provide global support for your products. In this article, we have a look at the questions you need to ask and the tools you need in place in order to supply global, 24/7/365 support to your customers.

Zen your workflow: We’re pleased to announce our NEW Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk app allows you to record time directly against a job in WorkflowMax while you are solving a customer query within Zendesk. It is super simple and very clever. With WorkflowMax as the conduit you can effectively connect your customer service management software with your time billing (WFM) and your accounting platform (Xero) in one integrated solution all in the cloud. Which we think is very, very cool.

WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Testing Your System

Part 3 in Dan Fairbairn’s series on WorkflowMax implementation.

Ok, moving on from the last two weeks of implementation advice (Scope and Setup), we now need to test the system. This is a great time to get out the workflow diagrams which we talked about in the scope section, as these will be particularly useful to help you run information through the system.

Tip of the Week – How to bulk add or remove staff or job managers to and from jobs?

To make adding and removing staff more efficient, WorkflowMax has these amazing wizard tools. From your Job Manager, under “Options” on the left hand side. You will be given three options, add staff, assign manager or remove staff. Please note: This option is only available for users with the “Edit Job privilege”.  To “Add staff” [...]

Smaller IS Better: 25 Architecturally-Fascinating Tiny Homes and Spaces

There is an emerging architectural movement that turns “Bigger is Better” on its head. Tiny home and tiny buildings focus on condensing a building down into the smallest possible space, while still creating a home or office that is functional, beautiful, and pleasant to be in. Tiny buildings are rethinking the way we interact with spaces, and are challenging architects to think about buildings in an entirely new way.

All over the world, architects and their clients are embracing their love of “tiny”. Here are 25 of the most beautiful tiny building designs.